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Message from the Chair of the Trust

As Chairman of the Mayflower Specialist School Academy Trust, I am very pleased to welcome you.  I am so fortunate to be part of what are two wonderful academies of learning with Aegir Specialist Academy and Warren Wood Specialist Academy. The Trustees and I support and encourage our Staff, Children and Young People in the work they do to help all our learners achieve their full potential. On a personal note it has been my privilege to be part of our academies for some time now and I continue to see our achievements flourish.


What we are able to do is see our children grow in mind and body with most importantly a smile on their faces within a warm, welcoming and safe environment for all our Children, Students and Young People.


My role as Chair is to be an encouraging, constructive support to our Interim Chief Executive Officer, a challenging listening ear to her, our Academy Principals, and indeed all of our very hard working staff.  Being Chairman of the Mayflower Trust is both challenging and rewarding; it is what makes every day enjoyable. My fellow Trustees and I do what is a most onerous but enjoyable task knowing that what we attempt to do sees great benefits to all our Children and Young people, families and the wider academy partnerships of which we are a part.  I myself am greatly privileged to be part of all of this.


Jonathan Downes 

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