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Cub Scouts

Welcome to our Cubs Group page.

4th Gainsborough, 1st Mayflower Academy Scout Group was founded in April 2019 and is a registered Scout Group, part of Gainsborough Scout District and Lincolnshire Scout County. Scouting initially began at Aegir, A Specialist Academy (our Secondary School site) with 15 members and has since grown to include a Scout Troop and Explorer Scout unit based at Aegir and a Cub Scout Pack based at Warren Wood, A Specialist Academy (our Primary School site). We currently have over 100 members across the two sites, who take part in a diverse programme aiming to prepare them with skills for life and enable them to take part in a range of outdoor and adventurous activities.




Cubs are the third section in Scouting and currently the youngest section at 4th Gainsborough, 1st Mayflower Academy Scout Group.

Our Cub Scout Pack meets at Warren Wood during the school day and is open to all KS2 members (year 3- 6). Cubs costs £30 per term (£90 for the year) and this covers the cost of insurance, badges, resources etc.

Cub Scouts at Warren Wood follow the UK Cub Scout Programme, adapted as needed to meet the needs of our pupils. The Cub Scout programme is based around three key themes: Outdoor and Adventure, World and Skills and the different badges and awards reflect these three themes. Cub Scout badges include Challenge Awards, Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges.


Challenge Awards: Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Try out something you wouldn't normally be interested in. Take the lead on something that scares you. Along the way, you'll unlock hidden talents and stand tall.


Activity Badges: Activity Badges encourage Cubs to take an interest in something new or to become an expert in something they enjoy. There are 38 activity badges ranging from equestrian to backwoods cooking.


Staged Activity Badges: these badges are progressive and can be completed by the Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer sections. Some staged activity badges are awarded for the number of times a young person has been hiking, spent a night away or spent time on the water. Others are awarded for progression in things like swimming, sailing, map reading or first aid knowledge.


The Chief Scout Silver Award: the highest award a Cub Scout can receive, this is earned by achieving all 7 Challenge Awards and at least four Activity or Staged Activity badges.


More information about the Cub Scout programme can be found here: Cubs

Badges at home

if your child takes part in any activities such as swimming, drama, horse riding or sports outside of school, please do let us know as it may link to a Cub Scout Activity Badge. We can print of the requirements for the instructor/ teacher etc. to sign and return and will then be able to award your child the relevant badge.


Cub Scout Uniform consists of a green jumper with the Scout Group logo on it. It can be purchased from here There is also an optional polo shirt available to purchase. Your child will receive the 4th Gainsborough, 1st Mayflower Academy scarf when they are invested. All badges will be provided by the Scout group. We aim to present badges at least once a term.


Badge placement - If you are unsure where to put your badges then this diagram is very helpful: Cubs

Promise and Investiture

An investiture is a small ceremony where your child makes the Cub Scout promise and is given their core badges, including the membership award and a Scout scarf.  There are a number of variations of the Cub Scout promise, which can be seen here.


At 4th Gainsborough, 1st Mayflower Academy Scout Group we usually invest members using the promise for members who are Atheist or of no faith background, however if you’d prefer your child to use a different variation of the promise please do let us know.

The Cub Scout Promise for members who are Atheist or of no faith background


I promise that I will do my best
to uphold our Scout values, to do my duty to The King,
to help other people
and to keep the Cub Scout Law


How to join: if your child is in year 3, 4, 5 or 6 and would like to join Cubs please let their class teacher know who will then arrange for a letter to be sent home.

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