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Presentations for Parents / Carers

School Presentations for 2020-2021

Early Years Alliance

The Early Years Alliance provides online activities for families with young children.  They also do a weekly virtual session on zoom for the skills service which allows parents to see what they can offer, how they can support  with personal development, employability, learning, volunteering etc. and gives them opportunity to ask questions before deciding whether they would like to access their services.  Please see information below for further details.

They also currently also have a short questionnaire which they are asking parents to complete (this is a one-off).  Everyone's time would be greatly appreciated! It is anonymous and consists of just 9 questions so won't take more than a couple of minutes but would provide them with very valuable feedback.

PAACT Conference 2020

Presentations for 2019-2020

Road Safety Presentation - 8th July 2019

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Presentation - 2nd May 2019

Child Sexual Expoitation Presentation - 29th November 2018

Peer on Peer Abuse Presentation - 28th June 2018

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